Creating a Project in Deep Space

How do you create a new project in Deep Space

Using Deep Space Explorer

In Deep Space Explorer, you must purchase a license for each Project.


When you go through the Purchase process in Deep Space, the system will relate your email domain to see if you already have a Workspace for your Company. If you do, a new project slot will be added to that Workspace.


If this is your first project, Deep Space will set up a new environment for your project and then notify you.


Legacy Method

First, login to Deep Space (, then click Login at top right:

You can then login with your email address and password.


Then click Workspace at the top right:



On the Workspace page, click Add Project:



Add Project Details:



You need to fill out:

  • Project Name - the full descriptive name of your project

  • Project Identifier - this is a short abbreviation referring to your project

  • Project Address - location of the project (may be just a city)

More details can be added to the project at DS Command, refer to this help article.



Congratulations! You have created your first project in Deep Space.


The next step is to invite your Team so they can use the Deep Space Sync for Revit addin.