Using Advanced Filters and Slicers

How to use Advanced Filters and Slicers to review your data in Deep Space

"Slicers" are basically small visual tools that allow data to be quickly scanned and refined, allowing you to find what you are after.

Advanced Search Tool

  1. Enter 1 or more lines with criteria

  2. Click the funnel icon at bottom right


The Filter mode supports textual fields, dates, and numbers.
For each data type you can use specific operators such as < or > for numbers and dates, or “quotes” for strings.

Here are some examples:

  • Use “text” to retrieve all strings equal to text

  • Use text to retrieve all strings containing the word text

  • Use text* to retrieve all strings starting with the word text

  • Use >2018-02 to retrieve all dates after Feb 2018

  • Use <2018 to retrieve all dates prior to 2018

  • Use 2017-02_2018-02 to retrieve a time period between Feb 2017 and Feb 2018

  • Use >=45 to retrieve all numbers greater than or equal to 45

  • Use !45 to retrieve all numbers other than 45