Troubleshooting Revit or Revit Addin Crash

What to do if Deep Space, Revit, or the Deep Space Scheduler experiences crashes or other runtime errors

Revit is a large and complicated piece of software. Deep Space Sync for Revit uses the Revit API and has been developed with best practices in mind. From time to time, Revit may crash, which may in turn result in the Deep Space addin crashing.

What can you do if Revit crashes?

A Revit crash can be identified by a dialog like shown below:

"An unrecoverable error has occurred. The program will now be terminated."

In some cases, the Deep Space addin will 'survive' a Revit crash like shown above.


We have performed deep investigations into Revit crashes like this and we have found that one of these may be the cause:

  • your machine runs out of hard drive space during the sync

  • there is some corruption of the Revit model, possibly with a specific parameter. This may be linked with a historical Revit issue from previous Revit versions.

  • the Revit API doesn't provide any feedback that our addin can use to catch or diagnose a crash after a very normal call to the Revit API

Steps you can take:

  1. Ensure the latest version of the Deep Space addin is installed

  2. Ensure all Revit hotfixes and updates are installed

  3. Check and confirm you have sufficient disk space throughout the entire Sync process

  4. Restart your PC and restart Revit and try again

  5. If it is a BIM360 project - close Revit, backup and clear your BIM360 cache for the project, re-open Revit and try again

  6. If you can isolate the problem to one specific file, try 'unticking' that file when running Deep Space Sync. If the sync succeeds, then you know there is possibly some corruption with that specific file. You can then raise a ticket with Autodesk Support to investigate and fix the file corruption caused by Revit.

What can you do if the Deep Space addin displays an error?

A Deep Space Sync addin error might appear like shown below:

"There was an error during the processing"

Generally in these cases, we recommend one of the following:

  • your Deep Space project may not be configured correctly. Contact Support.

  • there may be a bug inside the Deep Space addin. Report to Support, and please supply sample files and steps to reproduce if possible.

What if the Deep Space Scheduler displays an error?

The Deep Space Scheduler might show an error like the following:

"Error: Failed to load project information. Unauthorized, token may have expired, please login to renew it"


For security reasons, the token for Deep Space Scheduler does expire periodically.


The fastest way to resolve this is as follows:

  1. Open a empty or sample Revit model on the machine that has the token expired issue.

  2. Click Configure on the Deep Space Sync for Revit addin

  3. Login - this refreshes the token

  4. Cancel the dialog boxes

  5. Close Revit

  6. The Scheduler should work now, as you have refreshed the token.