How Deep Space has been used for various tracking workflows


The latest release of the Track App supports:

  • sync with factory fabrication API

  • Tracking Workflows in Deep Space

We have continually developed and improved tracking workflows in Deep Space. The various generations of this are described below:

  • Mode 1 with Revizto - tracking models in Revizto are 'stamped', and Deep Space automation takes care of the rest. Also included ability to record or 'verify' delivery to site.

  • Mode 2 with Workshop Spreadsheet injection - the tracking sheets from steel fabricators can be loaded to Deep Space, which drives automation including colouring of models. All tracking data could be updated in the Steel Tracking portal.

  • Mode 3 2022 - Enhanced tracking workflow. It includes:
    - ability to load fabrication data
    - automations that colourise the model in Revizto. Supports multiple models with different steel tracking assembly parameters.
    - ability to stamp objects in Revizto to record installation status.
    - dashboards and data export

  • Mode 4 2023 - This is our latest tracking workflow
  • Fabrication API Sync

Mode 3 2022 workflow diagram can be viewed here.


Related workflow steps are described here:


Mode 4 2023 Track Workflow

Generic Models are viewed as Assemblies in this workflow.


  1. Set "Is Tracking Model" flag to True for the related Source Files
  2. Configure Steel Tracking Parameter in track_steel_parameters
  3. Configure "Is Primary Tracking Project" flag in Coordination Projects
  4. Ensure Search Set Builder is fully primed (all columns)

Each new cycle:

  1. Click 1 button
  2. Load excel
  3. Click 1 button
  4. Load the auto generated search set file to Revizto

Fabrication API Sync

  • You should request activation of a factory API sync from Deep Space Support.
  • You should set "Is Tracking Model" flag to True for the related Source Files.