Running Deep Space Revit Automations

How to prepare and run Deep Space Revit Automations

At time of writing, Deep Space supports flexible automation development and deployment using the proven Dynamo subsystem for Revit.


To use these automations, you need to:

  1. Request automation activation for your project

  2. Set up your Revit environment

  3. Run the Preflight automation

  4. Set Global Parameters

  5. Run your desired automation

Steps 1 and 2 only need to be executed once for each project.


Steps 3 and 4 only need to be executed once for each Revit model in your project upon which you want to run automations.


Once Steps 1 to 4 are complete, you can run multiple automations in 5.


Video overview can be viewed here:


Requesting automation activation

Email to request activation.


  1. Your workspace will be enabled for automation

  2. You will be sent an email with your Workspace Name and Project ID. Please contact us if you don't receive the email.


Setting up your Revit environment

  1. Install Revit 2022 or newer

  2. Ensure Dynamo is installed

  3. Download your Deep Space Automations and save them all into the same folder on your computer

  4. Open Dynamo

  5. Install Slingshot for Dynamo package

  6. Open Dynamo Player

  7. Choose the folder from point 3 above

Run the Preflight automation

The preflight automation creates two Global Parameters:

  • Deep Space Workspace Name

  • Deep Space Project ID

Set Global Parameters

  1. Obtain your Workspace Name and Project ID (see above)

  2. Open Manage - Global Parameters in Revit

  3. Set the Values

  4. Click OK

Run your desired automation

  1. Open Dynamo Player

  2. Click to run the automation