Model Audit

Learn about the Deep Space Model Audit App

Welcome to the Deep Space Model Audit App!


The Deep Space Model Audit App is an advanced toolset designed for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals. Dive deep into the integrity and quality of your Revit Models, ensuring they align with industry standards, workspace benchmarks, and project-specific requirements.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Scoring System: Evaluate your Revit Models against an extensive checklist, categorizing them under three primary buckets: "Constraints," "LOI" (Level of Information), and "Model Quality."

Collaborative Dashboard: Enable teamwork by allowing multiple users and project participants to access, review, and refine their respective models.

Feedback: As soon as your models are synced, Deep Space offers feedback, pinpointing areas that need attention.

Benchmarks & Compliance: Ensure your models meet and exceed workspace benchmarks and specific project requirements, fostering a standardised approach to modelling.

Reporting: Generate detailed, actionable reports that are easy to interpret and help streamline the improvement process.

Why Choose the Model Audit App?

Standardisation: Harmonise your modelling team to ensure consistency and high standards across all projects.
Collaboration: Engage multiple stakeholders, from architects to engineers, in a unified platform to enhance model quality.
Efficiency: With the Model Audit App's real-time feedback, correct issues on the fly, don't wait for milestone Audits.

Unlock the Potential of Your Revit Models

Ensure every model you work on stands up to the highest standards of quality, information accuracy, and compliance. The Deep Space Model Audit App provides you with the tools, insights, and collaborative space to make this possible.

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