Logging into Deep Space

Various Login Methods and their Uses

Deep Space is an integrated platform. It uses a number of authentication methods, depending on how you are accessing the platform.


  • Explorer Apps Platform - this is the ecommerce and project apps viewing environment

  • api.deepspacesync.com - this handles the connection with Deep Space Sync for Revit, and some other Enterprise features

  • DS Command - this is an optional configuration system. It uses "Login with Deep Space" option to login with api.deepspacesync.com

Logging into Deep Space Explorer:

Use the Login - Explorer Platform button from our home page.


Logging into System Control API (Deep Space Sync for Revit)

  1. Login to Deep Space Explorer

  2. Click System App - Login to System Control

  3. Use your secondary api.deepspacesync.com credentials here


Note: If you are experiencing problems logging in here, please refer to this article.


Logging into DS Command:

  1. In Explorer interface, go to System Apps

  2. Login to System Control

  3. Click Workspace at top right

  4. From here, click "Open in DS Command"

  5. At DS Command, click the "Login with Deep Space" button (ignore the login box)

  6. Follow the prompts to login.