How to Load Revizto User Directory into Deep Space

When you have only 1 Revizto Workspace:

  1. Login to Revizto

  2. Open User Management

  3. Export to Excel

  4. Open the Excel file

  5. Switch to the Users tab

  6. Select all the data rows including the Headers

  7. Choose the `ws_revizto_user_report_staging` table and "Append Excel Data to Table"

  8. Map the fields and choose "Append"
    Note - Auth method and Domain username can be ignored

  9. Now the data is in the staging area - the next step is to activate the Workspace Automation called LoadReviztoUsers


When you have more than 1 Revizto Workspace:

With the release of Revizto+, some companies now have multiple Revizto workspaces.


Deep Space allows you to manage multiple Revizto workspaces, including cross-project issue dashboarding and license management tools.


There is a "Revizto Workspaces" management page in DS Command, where you can configure the Revizto Workspaces that are connected with your business.


You can also load specific workspace-related user lists into the coordination_revizto_workspaces schema. Note that the license ID is required when loading the user list here.


Actual users lists exist in ws_revizto_user_report_subworkspace with a currency flag.


You can use this procedure to update main user table:



You can then manage licenses and metadata with the "Enterprise License Management" dashboard template.

Subworkspace User Load

  1. Set currency flag on all users to 0 using script like (can be automated):
    UPDATE ws_revizto_user_report_subworkspace SET is_latest=0 WHERE workspace_id=12915 AND is_latest=1

  2. Load Excel list to ws_revizto_user_report_subworkspace

  3. Run update_revizto_user_override_from_subworkspace

  4. Only missing disciplines are updated at this stage