Forge and Autodesk Construction Cloud

How to integrate Deep Space with ACC

At time of writing, Deep Space provides a Forge app that can be installed as a Custom Integration to your Hub, via Account Admin.


This allows Deep Space to acquire project-critical metadata directly through the Forge API. Some users may refer to this as a Deep Space BIM360 Integration or an ACC Integration.

Installing the Forge App:

  1. BIM 360 admin

  2. Settings

  3. Custom Integrations

  4. Add Custom Integration

  5. The App ID will be supplied to you


Connecting with Your Project

The initial steps are:

  1. Install the Forge App through Account Admin as shown above

  2. Create a BIM 360 Project

  3. Enable Document Management ( Docs ) on that BIM 360 / ACC project

  4. Create a Deep Space project

  5. Access the Deep Space project in DS Command

  6. Navigate to the BIM 360 relationship as shown below

  7. Obtain the Account ID and Project ID as described below

  8. Input them in DS Command and press Save



Finding your ACC Account ID (Hub ID):

Using Account Admin:


You can also find your Account ID by looking at the web url in the Insight app.


Finding your ACC Project ID:

The easiest way is to:

  1. Navigate to your Project in the BIM 360 / ACC website

  2. Look at the address bar and you will clearly see your Project ID

Acquiring Your Autodesk Construction Cloud Project Data

Once you have connected your Project, you can now run the data acquisition on-demand.


Note: in version 1 of this integration, the Forge 'search' function (that finds all RVT files) requires User access. If you invite a specific service account to your project, it will allow this data acquisition to succeed with no issues.


Provided you have added Files to the Project Files area in Docs (either by manual drag and drop upload OR by initiating a cloud-workshared file), you will be able to acquire file metadata.


Current scope as per below:

  • Document Management

  • Project Files

  • Search for *.rvt (see note above)


Using Your Autodesk Construction Cloud Data

Once your ACC data has been acquired, you can: