Exporting Raw Data from PowerBI

Deep Space Power BI dashboards are very powerful - but what if you want to export the Raw Data from the PowerBI environment?

PowerBI actually has some limits on the volume (rows) of data that it can export, but there is a very simple way to export massive datasets from Power BI:

  1. Install DaxStudio from here https://daxstudio.org/

  2. Open your PowerBI dashboard that is connected to Deep Space (refresh your data from Deep Space cloud if necessary)

  3. Open DaxStudio

  4. Connect to the relevant PowerBI datasource

  5. In the text area, type EVALUATE followed by the table name you would like to Export to raw data

  6. Click the Output button, and choose File

  7. Click Run, and then set your desired filename and export data structure

  8. Your data is now exported to file - even if the data export size would have exceeded the built-in Power BI limits on data exports