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Deep Space Model Audit Worksets Feature Guide

How To Configure Deep Space Model Audit Worksets Feature

1. Deep Space Model Audit Dashboard - Model Quality - Worksets


To visualize and audit the worksets in a project for compliance with the BIM (Building Information Modeling) execution plan or management plan.

Navigate to the Model Quality section under the Model Audit Dashboard.
Review the list of models and worksets within the project to identify compliant and non-compliant worksets.
Non-compliant worksets are those not set up as per the BIM execution plan.
Model Audit - Worksets 1

2. DS Command - BIM Manager - Worksets Allowed

To configure and manage the worksets allowed within a project to ensure they align with the BIM execution plan.

Access DS Command and navigate to the BIM Manager section.
Locate the "Worksets Allowed" to see the list of worksets permitted for the project.

Model Audit - Worksets 2
These worksets originate from the initial sync with Revit and should be updated as the BIM execution plan evolves.

Model Audit - Worksets 3

3. DS Command - BIM Manager - Worksets Allowed - New Record


To add new worksets to the project's allowed list as specified in the BIM execution plan.

Within the "Worksets Allowed" section, select "Add New Record" to create a new workset entry.
Enter the workset name as defined in the BIM execution plan.
Include any pertinent notes, specify which workset set it applies to, and set applicable attributes like grid level and exclusions from apps and automations.
Save the new record to update the list of allowed worksets.
Reviewing Changes in Deep Space

Model Audit - Worksets 4

After adding new worksets:

Return to the Model Audit Dashboard in Deep Space.
Refresh the Model Quality report under Worksets.
Verify that previously non-compliant worksets now appear as compliant.
Use the detailed view to assess which elements belong to which worksets, ensuring proper organization and adherence to the BIM execution plan.

Tips & Best Practices
Regularly review the BIM execution plan to update the worksets in DS Command.
Audit worksets frequently to maintain model quality and compliance.
Utilize the visualization features in Deep Space to easily identify non-compliant worksets.
Ensure clear communication with the project team about workset requirements and updates.