Create Deep Space Teams from Revizto Teams

Use a Revizto User Report to Automatically Generate Deep Space Teams per Project

Some Revizto Users have started using additional user metadata fields in the Revizto User Directory. These are:

  • Company - the company this user works for

  • Department - this field is often used as Discipline, such as "Architect" etc

  • Location - generally not useful in the context of this automation

First, refer to this article for the latest information about loading Revizto Team Data:

How to Load Revizto User Data to Deep Space

This is the basic workflow (when you have only 1 Revizto Workspace):

  1. Populate the Company and Department for a number of your Revizto users,

  2. they have been invited to Revizto projects,

  3. you have exported the Revizto User Management page to Excel and,

  4. Load the User report to Deep Space ws_revizto_user_report_staging schema using MySQL Connector for Excel (Deep Space)

  5. Run the LoadReviztoUsers Workspace Automation

  6. Go to the Project page

  7. Run the Make-DeepSpace-Teams-From-Revizto Project Automation


You will now find that the following have been created automatically:

  • Teams for the Project

  • Companies

  • Teams and Companies are linked

  • People have been created

  • People have been linked to Teams