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Copying and Editing Audit Criteria

You can store a list of default criteria, and then override it by project


Deep Space provides:

  • automated model checks

  • ability for you to define your own list of model requirements

  • ability to map your model report to the automated checks

  • ability to show this in a Report page

Automated Configuration

Upon first refresh, Model Audit will load and configure a default list of model criteria used in the deliverable Report page.

The automation effectively does this:

  1. Loads a set of Template Criteria - these are targeted at certain Disciplines
  2. Loads a Discipline / Parent Discipline mapping table and populates it
  3. Multiplies the Template Criteria in (1) by the Discipline list in (2).


The implementation generally occurs this way:

  1. Define a set of Workspace, Company Wide Audit Criteria in:
    DS Command > Model Audit > Workspace Model Audit Criteria

  2. Optionally configure automated checking using either:
    Criteria Object Category - to check for existence of objects on a category
    DS Audit Category - to map your criteria to one of our built-in checks


  3. To manually override and add comments, you must copy a Criteria to the Project as shown below, then edit these Project Overrides

Settings in Workspace Model Audit Criteria

The following lists key settings:




Template Criteria

Flag Yes / No

When ticked, this criteria is not used in the model audit. Instead, it is used to populate audit criteria to other disciplines (using parent_discipline to accomplish this).

Template Criteria ID

Integer ID

This refers back to the primary driving criteria ID as defined in the Template Criteria YES flagged items.



Copying Criteria to a Project

First, navigate to:

  • Auditing

  • Workspace Model Audit Critera

Select all the criteria you want to copy, then scroll to the bottom and select Update - Copy to Project.


Choose the target Project.


Select "Perform Update Now"


The criteria has now been copied to the project.


Overriding Compliance and Adding Comments

Navigate to:

  • Auditing

  • Project Overrides for Model Audit Criteria

And adjust the Manual Override column to COMPLY for items you would like to manually override.


Add Comments if desired.



You can delete and re-copy all Workspace Criteria to your Project if you want a 'fresh start'.


Numbering Audit Criteria

  1. Add your Workspace Audit Criteria

  2. You must be using a custom discipline list. Set the ref_num field on your custom discipline list.

  3. Create audit_criteria_types and apply a ref_num

  4. Run the renumber_audit_criteria automation procedure - it will do the following:

    1. Find the discipline number from 2 above

    2. Find the criteria type reference number from 3 above

    3. Obtain the criteria_seq_num from audit_criteria

    4. Create a new merged number like:

    5. It will set that number to ref_num

    6. It will then update all Project Override ref_num to match this also

    7. If it doesn't find Criteria Types or Discipline Numbers, it will not work