Check if Your Firewall Allows Power BI Direct Connection to Deep Space

How to work with Proxy and Firewall issues when connecting directly to a Deep Space cloud database

Method 1

If you have Telnet installed, you can use:

Start Menu > telnet

o 3306


You should receive a response that looks something like this:


Method 2

You may also try to check that a direct connection is allowed to Deep Space using this command in PowerShell:

Test-NetConnection -ComputerName -Port 3306


If this responds with TcpTestSucceeded: False, then you need to:

  • Allow Port 3306 through the Firewall to this PC

  • Ensure there is no TCP blocking to the URL


Method 3

You can also try using psping.

  1. Download psping

  2. Start a Command Prompt at that location

  3. Use this command:

psping 3306


You should receive response like:


Method 4

Sometimes, a VPN connection will block access to Deep Space. Try disconnecting your VPN to see if connectivity to Deep Space is restored.