Adding Project Details in DS Command

Using DS Command to add more details to projects

Adding more details to projects can be done in DS Command.

This may be useful to drive deeper analytics across project types and locations.

  1. Navigate to Projects


2. Open the project you want to edit.


3. Click on edit


4. Edit the Project Details


Available Details:

  1. Project Identifier (this is a short abbreviation referring to your project)

  2. Project Name (the full descriptive name of your project)

  3. Project Address (location of the project)

  4. City (broad citiy location)

  5. Phase (project phase ie. Design, Construction etc)

  6. Group Id (projects may be categorised into different groups)

  7. Map Id (projects may be mapped to a cost plan)

  8. Value (project $ value)

  9. Coding Scheme (ie. Uniclass etc)

  10. Enterprise Reporting Enabled (hide/unhide projects from Enterprise dashboards)

  11. Mpdt Initial Version (Level Of Information requirements)

  12. Project Sector (project sector ie. Healthcare, commercial, industrial etc)

  13. Mpdt current version (Level Of Information requirements)